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Ginger Lynn was once known as the Queen of Porn. She was born in Rockford, Illinois on December 14 and when she turned 18 she started in porn with all the top names. At Ginger Lynn Collection we have a large selection of Ginger and her famous movies!

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Warning - this site contains adult related material and is not suitable
for anyone under 18 years of age or anyone who finds this type of material offensive

Adult entertainment – the porn movies

Porn movies are films that depict sexual intercourse and erotic fantasies. This form of entertainment has long been the subject of intense social objection. However, when taking pornography movies for what they are, they become a simple and fitting part of our society. Just like you watch a thriller movie to satisfy your need for suspense or a comedy to please your weakness for humor and laughter, you can watch an erotic film to gratify your fetishes and your sexual urges. Add a few escorts and you have yourself a nice party. It is a perfectly normal behavior for humans and it should be taken lightly.

The early beginnings of porn films

The earliest porn movies coincide with the incipient era of cinematography at the end of the 19th century. Humans found a way to record continuous movement and they immediately used it to film some chap having sex with his UK escort. This says a lot about our primal need for erotic stimulation. We need to be entertained with the most sacred and explicit human behavior, regardless of the way it happens.

Explicit porn takes the stage

In the first half of the 20th century pornography had to deal with a lot of prude treatment almost anywhere in the world. Even though many couples who could afford a personal camera and a movie projector recorded their sexual adventures, they were considered risqué by the large part of society. The 1960s brought a sexual revolution and a relaxed attitude towards erotic material. Porn movies became popular and many sexy escorts started to perform in them.

Adult theatres emerge

Explicit adult entertainment was getting bigger and it only needed similarly large venues to attract more people. Therefore, in the 1970s adult theaters appeared all over the United States displaying erotic films of all types. Back then, it was perfectly normal to go out on a date with your UK escort from to a porn movie theater. As the legal battle between producers and the conservative law-makers continued, people would flock in large numbers to these adult entertainment cinemas.

Home video revived erotica

The technological evolution eased the way for porn movies into personal homes. With the release of the video cassette recorder in the late 1970s came a new way of watching erotic movies. Instead of taking their escorts from EROS to a public porn theater, many men could finally watch a sexy film at home. This made pornography more intimate and it favored couples who were struggling with relationship problems.

Internet porn changed everything

The 1980s and the beginning of the 90s were ruled by VHS cassettes and late night TV entertainment. However, everything changed at the end of the century with the immense popularity of internet porn. Some of the very first websites showed erotic pictures and even small clips. Anyone with a video camera and a computer could record their sex party with a UK escort and post it online. Suddenly, pornography was available to make, distribute and watch to everybody.

How porn entertainment changes us

Today, we can watch a porn movie for free at a single click of a button. We may not realize it, but this has had a huge impact on our society. Porn films help people establish stronger relationships with their partners or their escorts. People dealing with rare fetishes can find their fantasy online. Young people have access to an explicit type of sexual education and adults don’t need to hide when they need a bit of erotic entertainment. Pornography helps us build a better society with more flexible and tolerant views.

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