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Ginger Lynn was once known as the Queen of Porn. She was born in Rockford, Illinois on December 14 and when she turned 18 she started in porn with all the top names. At Ginger Lynn Collection we have a large selection of Ginger and her famous movies!

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How do porn movies influence the teenagers?

Pornography is more available today than in any other period of human history. Almost anyone can access the internet to watch erotic movies and photographs without any sort of payment. This practice has a certain influence on our society that we rarely take into account. There are many opinions on how free access to porn changes the teenagers’ perception of sex and how this will shape the future generations.

Porn availability increases sexual understanding

Only a few decades ago, teenagers had to go through gruesome struggles to get their hands on pornography materials. Since the sale of printed or visual porn was illegal, it was very hard for a youngster to see an erotic movie. Nowadays, the collections of Playboy magazines are redundant. The internet offers a wider and more diverse selection of porn movies that help young people learn and understand more about sex before even losing their virginity.

Teenagers have sex at an early age

Nowadays, youngsters have seen enough pornography to know what to expect from intercourse before even starting their sexual lives. Naturally, their first experiences are still sloppy and awkward, but the interesting fact is that they are practicing it at an earlier age than previous generations. Studies have shown that most teenagers lose their virginity to peers of approximate ages before even turning 16.

Erotic movies enhance sexuality issues

Some people believe that porn has a negative influence on young people. Their argument is that exposure to erotic movies changes a teenager’s perspective on how their bodies should look and move during intercourse. Misconceptions about penis size, breast measurements and the length of a sexual act can easily become goals that are impossible to achieve for most youngsters. As a result, future adults may suffer from anxiety, depression and impotence without knowing why.

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