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Ginger Lynn was once known as the Queen of Porn. She was born in Rockford, Illinois on December 14 and when she turned 18 she started in porn with all the top names. At Ginger Lynn Collection we have a large selection of Ginger and her famous movies!

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Why some people like watching porn

Pornography has always been a guilty pleasure for many people. Today, enjoying this activity is similar to other pastimes and it differs in terms of frequency and duration from one individual to another. Some like to watch an erotic clip per week while others view a couple of dozens in only one day. Several studies have been conducted to determine why watching porn is for many people a hobby and for others an addiction. Here are the main reasons that were eventually established for the human obsession with porn:

Brain stimulation

A recent study has revealed that when we watch porn our brain activity intensifies. The power that erotic movies have over our brain is not fully understood, but it is believed to access areas that cannot be stimulated in any other way. We are used to watching porn only for a few decades now. Today, we can see in full motion sexual acts that past generations had to imagine from still images or literature. This activity becomes, therefore, a direct stimulation of the brain rather than an auto-induced action.

Introvert sexual desire

Everyone has their own sexual fantasies that are hard to practice or experience with their partners. Some people have fetishes that are completely out of this world and are the work of science fiction literature. Watching porn solves issues like these. Individuals can relax in the comforts of their own home and satisfy their guilty pleasure instead of repressing them.

Lack of real satisfaction

Erotica materials have become an alternative for individuals who either lack a sexual life or who are sexually unhappy in their relationships. People who are stuck in unhappy, monogamous relationships find a major satisfaction in watching porn. This activity enables them to escape their solitary lives and mentally fulfill their fantasies.

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